How to Add Images in WordPress

Adding images to a blog post or page is an easy way to improve user experience, illustrate content, and help SEO efforts. Images break up text so it’s more digestible for readers and can help explain and demonstrate specific points. Also, when you label your images...

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How to Publish a New Blog Post

If you're new to blogging or you recently started your first website we hope this guide will help you. You might be asking yourself, “Does blogging even matter? Or is it a waste of time for my business?” Yes! Of course it matters. In our digital age, it’s important...

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Google Algorithms: 101

The vast world of SEO introduces terms like canonicals, alt tags, meta descriptions, robots.txt; indexation, keyword cannibalization… it can seem like a maze if it’s not your realm of work, especially if you’re a business owner (you’ve got better things to do). Search...

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Welcome to Vartuoso

What is Vartuoso? Vartuoso is an affordable website development service made for busy business professionals. Admit it - you’ve tried your hand at a third-party DIY website builder (or two, or three…). You may have heard horror stories of the struggles that come with...

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